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IFS-certified manufacturers with R&D know-how and TÜV track record

We source our products from a handful of selected manufacturers whose products have proven themselves in widespread use and can demonstrate TÜV and IFS-certified quality and supply chain management.

Complete documentation with LOT numbers

As an IFS-certified distributor, we set the highest standards for traceability and handling. This allows us to assign each delivered product to both a production batch and the respective raw material producer.


Storage and transport

Almost all of our products must be stored and transported within a certain temperature range. In addition to food quality, the sensitivity and specificity of diagnostic products, for example, can otherwise be impaired.

Guaranteed original goods through direct procurement

Our procurement team relies on professional logistics and direct purchasing without intermediaries. This allows us to maintain complete control over the supply chain at all times and ensure consistent product quality.

Independently evaluated

Our entire portfolio has been tested by renowned institutions such as PEI, TÜV, IFS and SGS for both national and EU standards and meets best practice standards.

In-house logistics

Personally assigned handling managers monitor your delivery and are available to answer your questions at any time via a dedicated 24/7 hotline.

A complex market requires partners with consistent standards.

24/7 consulting & ordering 


Phone: +49 (0) 305 201 4206

24/7 advice & ordering


Phone: +43 (0) 720 145 296

Ihre Anfrage

Vielen Dank!

Your partner for certified quality for 30 years.

Food .

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Your partner for tested quality for 30 years.

Oil, Food

Food .

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